Strangers Surprised An Air Force Veteran With A Gesture That Brought Him To His Knees

Air Force veteran Ron Hyde has a history of making tough decisions on behalf of others.

Thanks to a call on Facebook, many of his fellow citizens had the chance to give back to him.

A simple donation of a used chair led to an apartment full of comfortable furniture and a kitchen full of food.

Ron had a roof over his head, but barely.

Illness had taken away his ability to earn enough to pay his debts and he is facing a terminal cancer diagnosis.

He has decided to stop treatment for his illness, preferring not to spend the rest of his life sickened by chemotherapy and other treatments.

After deciding voluntarily to stop treatment, he found a comfortable pink armchair at a second hand shop in his neighborhood.

Unfortunately, he had no way to transport the chair.

A Facebook contact named Laura posted that there was a struggling veteran in the area who needed help moving an armchair.

At the time he found the chair, Ron’s other possessions included a used mattress, some shelving and a few kitchen tools.

The cupboards were bare.

Nearby Michael Kreitz answered the call for delivery help.

He delivered the chair and was disturbed at the lack and loneliness in Ron’s apartment.

Using Facebook, he put out the call for more, requesting extra furniture and any other help anyone else could spare.

Donors and neighbors turned into friends as Ron’s apartment was inundated with donations that filled up a U-Haul truck.

Gifts including a proper bed, a leather sofa and a kitchen full of groceries were delivered to help Ron out.

Ron is also enjoying access to a television and some new movies to help him relax and escape his current health concerns.

Ron’s health is poor and his future is uncertain.

However, thanks to a group of generous strangers, he is currently comfortably housed and well fed.

Opportunities to help are all around us, and thanks to Facebook we can contribute to friends near and far!

Too many elderly and ill people suffer in silence in our world.

Thank goodness for folks who are willing to share what they have with those in need!

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