Security Guard Hailed A Hero For Saving Choking Student (Video)

In the fast-paced world of high school, multitasking is essential. Kids are often racing from one classroom to the next.

Sometimes scheduling leaves something to be desired, and students have a real challenge to maintain a good attendance record.

When things go wrong in an environment like this, it’s sometimes necessary to have people around who can help.

An 18-year-old young lady attending Pascack Hills High School was juggling several tasks frantically one day, but this time it led to a dire situation.

Sarah Bazzini was hurrying to finish lunch in order to get to her next class.

She was trying to rapidly ingest a portion of cafeteria French fries, which are not the easiest thing to eat quickly.

She was trying to swallow a large bite of fries while hurrying through the hallway because she only had a few minutes to get to her next class.

In the midst of this chaos, a fry got stuck in her airway, causing her to choke.

She tried several methods to dislodge the fry. Coughing didn’t work, and taking a drink was of no avail.

She was beginning to suffocate from lack of air, and she realized she would pass out soon if she couldn’t dislodge the obstruction.

At that moment she noticed a school officer in the hallway. Sarah made a gesture toward her throat in order to explain the problem non-verbally.

He approached her, noticing the color draining from her face, so he concluded that she was definitely beginning to suffocate.

Fortunately, Caron took quick action. He turned her around and wrapped his arms around her chest.

He compressed her chest in a few jerking motions in order to expel air from her lungs.

Other students watched as, after a few of these motions, the fry was propelled from Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah still thanks him occasionally, and she promises that she won’t forget his heroic deed.

As a result of this life-changing incident, Sarah decided to emulate the heroism of the man by pursuing a career in law enforcement.

As the news has traveled about the incident, the officer has received commendations by many people for his actions.

Caron still insists that most people in his position would have done the same thing.

It’s frightening to think what could have happened to young Sarah if officer Caron had not been there to help her.

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