Man Bought A Mini Taser For His Wife And Tested It On Himself

Tom Welch decided to buy his wife a mini taser as a method of protection.

Before giving it to her, he wanted to check that it worked properly and made the mistake of tasing himself. He then wrote about the experience on facebook.

The post warned all males to not make the same mistake he made.

He briefly describes the taser, how to operate it and the scenario in which he ended up tasing himself.

He at first considered tasing the cat. Fortunately, he decided against this and instead tased his bare thigh.

This resulted in him lying on the floor with his body numb and tingling.

Tom learned the hard way to never tase your bare skin or yourself period.

His wife loved the taser, thought the experience was hilarious and uses it against him to her advantage.

Here’s his post:

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