Police Did An 11 Minute Vaginal & Anal Inspection On This Woman For One Reason And One Reason Only

In Texas, Charnesia Corley, 23, was pulled over after jumping a red light as she pulled out of a gas station. The officers claim they smelled marijuana coming from the car and demanded to search the vehicle – and her. A female officer patted down a handcuffed Corley and allegedly pulled her pants down and stuck her fingers into Corley’s vagina to search for the drug!

woman and cops
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Corley reacted and began to struggle, and they ended up subduing Corley to the ground, and the female officer finished the cavity search. Corley is not suing the police department claiming that the search was not necessary and they didn’t have a warrant.

woman and cops
Image Credit: Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Shouldn’t such an invasive procedure at least take place in a more sterile environment? If they suspected that Corley had drugs, they could have taken her to a more private location to do the search. Watch the video below.


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