Man Who Goes To Move His Camper Finds Deadly Problem That Could’ve Killed Him

Robert McDougal had a camper in his storage yard that needed to be moved. Sounds simple enough – right? Well, not really.

McDougal is the owner of Hurry Up Towing and makes his living moving and towing large items.

While using the forklift to lift the camper, he quickly realized his life was in danger!

McDougal had to remain motionless for about 20 minutes – that is how long it took for help to arrive!

What caused McDougal to freeze in his tracks? A yellow jacket nest!

Yellow jackets do not lose their stinger when they sting, which means they can sting you over and over!

Take a look at this video

The nest was about 10 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 2 feet high! Eric “Critter” McCool from McCool’s Wildlife Control and Bee Extractions estimated that the nest contained about 350,000 wasps or yellow jackets! Yikes!

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