Man Wanders In Costco, Guy Jumps When He Sees What’s Clenched In His Teeth

A man came stumbling through Costco and made his way to the food court. One onlooker was having a snack when he noticed the guy from behind. As soon as the man turned around, the shopper was shocked at what he had clenched in his teeth and acted fast as others watched in disbelief.

Courtnie Quinton was nearby when she first noticed the man struggling through the store, but with her hands full of everything imaginable, she couldn’t get to him fast enough. He had made his way to the food court near the soda fountain when a guy wearing a blue shirt intervened, while everyone else stopped and stared.

Quinton wrote in a social media post that the older gentleman was blind, having a difficult time getting through the crowd of people with his lunch plate in one hand, cane in the other, and a cup clenched in his teeth.

He walked slowly as to not spill anything and appeared overwhelmed with the finding his way through the people, some of which were teenagers laughing at him. Everyone around him watched and just stared at his struggle “like he was entertainment,” Quinton wrote.

It was hot at the partially outdoor eating area. Quinton said she desperately wanted to get to him, but she couldn’t abandon her small children and all of her things. Right as she was feeling helpless and heartbroken over the situation, a guy in a blue shirt stepped in, blocking the blind man’s tormentors from continuing their shaming him for being unable to see.

The unnamed good Samaritan, who Quinton later referred to as #ManInBlue, ran to this sightless patron’s assistance, saying, “Hi! I’m here to help.” He took the guy’s cup and read off the drink options for him, before filling it up with his soda of choice.

The man in blue then said for the guy to lean on him, as he led the blind man through the people, holding his plate of food and his beverage. Once they got to a comfortable place for him to enjoy his meal, the kind patron cleaned the table, got him some napkins, and made sure everything was perfect before parting ways.

Once this simple superhero’s job was done, he went back to his own seat and finished his lunch. Quinton stood with tears in her eyes for this guy stepping in for a stranger when others refused to do it. She was moved by his example and said she doesn’t know his name, but will never forget what he did.

The world needs more people like this man in blue, and it starts with each one of us being that person. It only took a few minutes to change this guy’s entire day. While others laughed or just watched this guy struggle, happy they don’t have such challenges, one individual decided to do something about it. When he filled this man’s drink, he poured hope back into his afternoon, knowing someone was willing to share his load.

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