Look at what this lady finds behind the window of her bathroom…

A New Yorker noticed a hidden entry behind her bathroom mirror and decided to enter. When she did, she entered a dark, deserted apartment.

Similar to every other day, Hartsow went to the bathroom in her flat and examined herself. Her tiny hair blew back as she felt a cool breeze touch her face. The wife thought this was strange because the tiny bathroom vent wasn’t blowing any air.

She ran her palm over the door frame out of curiosity and detected the cool air entering through the window. Despite her decision to tape it over, the air continued to blow across her face lightly.

As Ms. Hartsow washed her teeth and took off her Invisalign, she was terrified that the mirror would slip and damage her. She made the mirror herself because she didn’t want an accident to occur in the restroom.

Hartsow published the first episode of the horror adventure on TikTok on March 3, 2021, and urged fans to wait for the remaining parts, in which she investigates the space behind the toilet wall.

The news of his daughter made her father very happy. All the stories about her narrative he could locate online were linked to and forwarded to her.

She gets a call from The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the same moment requesting her to participate in a video interview with Ellen. She gladly accepts and makes an appearance on live television.

After Ellen welcomed her to the program, Ms. Hartsoe shared her story and revealed another apartment to the audience from behind the wall of her bathroom.

Hartsoe continued by describing her mother’s peculiar response to the incident. Her mother claimed that she was so happy for her daughter for getting through the hole that she almost started crying.

Mrs. Hartsow is concerned that her mother may not be pleased with her efforts or accomplishments. His mother was really pleased with the outcome of the event.

She almost cried when she gave Ellen Hartsoe a brand-new swimming suit from her collection at the end of the presentation. She requested Hartsoe to close the hole after the performance.

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