Lesbian Couple Adopts Three Separated Brothers So They Can Grow Up Together

Fate has this very strange ways of making plans work. – David Levithan, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares.

According to Paulo Coelho, when somebody wants something really bad, the entire universe is conspiring in helping them, in order for them to achieve it. When a Massachuesetts-based couple has decided to adopt a kid, they got a family of three little loving brothers.

It’s just incredible.

However, KC and Lena Currie got married back in 2013, and they wanted to adopt a child ever since, and start their own family.

Back in November of 2017, they adopted an 18 – month old named Joey. It was love at first sight when they first met him at the adoption event, which was held by Children’s Friend in Worcester.

By March, the following year they already had adopted the boy.

However, soon after that, they’ve received a phone call from the Children’s Friend. They were told that Joey’s younger brother, named Noah was only 6 weeks old at the time, and needed to find a home as well.

KC said:

We said yes right away!

A couple of months after we’ve taken Noah, the agency called again, and they informed the two brothers, have a middle sibling, named Logan. They boy was already living in a foster family, but he wasn’t adopted.

KC and Lena decided to take him as well.

KC reported:

That was our feeling in the guts. We were going to say yes because keeping the children together, was one of the most important things to us. When they get older and have some questions, they will have each other to lean on, and also experience that journey together.

In November 2019, the procedure for Logan and Joey’s reception was settled at the Worcester town hall. Lena and KC are formally the lawful guardians of the three siblings, and they are generally anticipating going through their days in affection and giggling.

Lena said the youngsters call them ‘Mother’ and Mommy” and they want to be the best mothers ever. KC included that they would now be able to begin “dreaming about evaluation school, sports, and every one of those pleasant things.”.

KC and Lena accept their story may urge others to think about appropriation as an approach to begin a family.

The director Veronica Listerud, of adoption family services at Children’s Friend, an affiliate of the non-profit organization, Seven Hills Foundation, said:

It’s what you need to witness. They’re an awesome family. They’re adaptable – they truly comprehend the children’s needs, the significance of keeping up kin connections, and the drawn out effect of that.

KC and Lena said that they’re looking forward to the boys haveing more dance parties, and celebrating the holidays together, as well as watching them grow together.

We truly wish you the happiest life together!

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