Drone Captures The Largest Swarm Of Sea turtles Ever Filmed

Every photographer has that photo of their dreams, the one that’s the most unique they’ve taken, and show the world something it hasn’t seen before. Nature is changing all the time, it is rich, vibrant, and complex, therefore it is challenging for a wildlife photographer to leave everybody with their jaws on the floor.

However, back in November of 2016, Vanessa who is a biologist somehow managed to take a photo and also a video of the largest swarm of sea turtles we’ve ever seen, while she was flying her drone over the coast of Costa Rica.

The drone was used in a research which investigated olive ridley sea turtles, and their reproduction as well.

The video is revealing thousands of them swimming across a region just outside the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge.

There’s a bout a single turtle on each square meter, and clearly it can be seen in the video that more turtles are rising from below the water surface.

Bézy said:

I knew right away that there was something very special going on. Until this day I am still blown away by that video. They just look like bumper cars out in the water.

Ostional was set up in 1983 as a secured zone explicitly for the turtles, yet as they are viewed as a defenseless animal groups, this may be the last time we see swarms this thick.

The scientific director of the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Florida, Roldán Valverde said:

This is the main time I’ve seen a video catching this phenomenon in the water. A large portion of the photography recording this happens on the sea shore.

Bézy examines them and her objective is to bring issues to light about the significance of securing the species and expectations her recording will assist it with remaining strong. Despite the fact that these sea turtles are across the board, they have not very many settling destinations universally.

Bézy worries over the rising tourism industry around the sea shores where they nest, as guidelines proposed to secure the region appear to not be sufficient.

Likewise, olive ridley sea turtle hatchlings have an exceptionally low endurance rate into adulthood, so in the event that we also compromise the populace, it may crash quick.

She trusts that her examination will discover the explanation and the manner in which such an extraordinary number of turtles accumulate there, particularly in the period among August and October. This may be because of components, for example, sea currents, beach orientation, and sand type.

These discoveries can actually give an answer that can maximize the chances of the survival of these species.

Olive ridley sea turtles are on of the six turtle species that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has putted on the list of threatened, therefore mass aggregations of this kind are a very critical part of their life!

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