Woman Selling Virginity for £325,000 After Home BurnsDown

A woman is auctioning her virginity for £325,000 to help her family following a devastating house fire.

There, she is advertising herself for $400,000 – however she won’t accept a bid unless she feels a “connection” with the person.

Her controversial decision has left some saying she should have sex for the first time out of ‘love’, but she claims that is “exactly what she is doing”.


Speaking to CNN , she said: “People say you are supposed to do it for love. But if you think about it, I am doing it because I love my family.”

She said: “I’m waiting for a man who I feel a connection with so that the experience can be special for both of us.

“I have the right to choose what I do with my body. And in this troubling economy, do you blame me?”

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