Justin Timberlake’s tour with Christina Aguilera, she claims, highlighted “double standards” in the business


When it comes to sex tolerance, Christina Aguilera doesn’t hold back. The musician discussed everything from double standards in the music industry to the public’s reaction to her move to a more sex-positive character in the early 2000s when she made an appearance on the 4 April episode of “Call Her Daddy.”

Particularly when she first started out, Aguilera recalled, men and women who expressed their sexuality were viewed quite differently. She reflected on her early years as a public person and claimed that there were many instances of double standards. “You know, there were a lot of times where I was just like, why is it Fine for him and not OK for me?” she said of her tour with Justin Timberlake, “The Justified [and Stripped] Tour.”

She also considered how people had reacted to her “Dirty” music video. The song and music video were released in 2002 as a part of her album “Stripped,” which at the time received some criticism. Aguilera remarked, “I was really striving to make every aspect of this album speak of me, as a woman.

I was so in the zone of expression. I did not want to fit into a box that said, “I’m sweet, vulnerable, and demure, and I’m going to do the programmed pop format. But I’m not any particular one thing or one brand, and that’s what I did not like about the business, that they immediately try to box you and label it so that it’s easier for them to understand.”

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