Why Cola Should Be Your Next Hair Solution

Is it your dream to have full, shiny hair, but still live with something short of that? You may want to keep reading to discover this hack with cola if your hair looks dull. There are many other women like you with hair that is lustreless and flat. It isn’t far-fetched considering what we put our hair through – washing it frequently, dyeing it, straightening and curling it. These things do not help the hair stay healthy. Thankfully, there is something you most likely have already that can change everything. Just open your fridge to check if you have any left.

Using cola to wash your hair could cause a very big change. We think you might think twice about downing that bottle after you’ve read this.

Did you know there are many uses for cola? You can use it to get the scales off your tea kettle or to wash out your toilet. It appears that the well-known beverage is made of chemical constituents that can get things clean. Who would have thought?

Check the next page to find out how washing your hair with cola can improve its health and see the video as well.

You probably already know that you can get gum out of your hair, or that of your children for that matter. Just pour some coke into a bowl and soak the piece of hair that has the gum in it. Allow it to sit for some time, and you’ll be amazed at the ease with which the gum would come off.

But cola can do so much more for your hair!

Wash your hair

We can’t assure you of the potency of this hack, especially with the many claims about it. However, it is worth trying if you’d like your hair to have more volume. It is said that the cola can save your hair from “flatness” and make it fuller in that “beautiful mess” sort of way. And you probably already have it at home, so instead of spending a tremendous amount of money on new products, try cola and see what it can do to your hair!

Cola is highly acidic and when used on hair results in closing and contracting of the scales. This in turn gives your hair a sheen. Ellko, a beauty vlogger tried out the hack and was impressed by the results. You just need two small bottles of coke and water to wash it out.

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