ITV’s “Dear or No Deal” is making a comeback with a new host


Not a drill, this! The return of “Deal Or No Deal” is imminent, albeit with a slight 2023 update. Later this year, the show will return to ITV with a brand-new host. Yes, Stephen Mulhern of “Catchphrase” will succeed Noel Edmonds, who hosted the program until its final broadcast in 2016.

The program debuted in 2005 after being adapted from a game show produced in the Netherlands in 2002. A competitor will face 22 sealed boxes in the upcoming series, each of which has a different amount of money inside. The rules will remain the same. The contestant must then select one box at a time to open, revealing the amount of money inside, and taking that amount.

The dreaded Banker will seduce the player with a monetary offer in return for their box, the value of which they are still unsure. But, the player must maintain their composure. The Banker’s offers will rise as long as the bigger cash awards go unclaimed. Yet, if a large monetary award is announced, all might change in a heartbeat.

The 11-year-long program gained attention after it came to light that Meghan Markle had contributed to the American version of the program before to being hired for “Suits.” On an edition of her “Archetypes” podcast from October 18th, Markle played the part of one of the women dispersing the boxes.

“All the girls, we would line up and there were different stations for having your lashes put on, or your extensions put in, or the padding in your bra,” Markle shared. “We were even given spray tan vouchers each week because there was a very cookie-cutter idea of precisely what we should look like. It was solely about beauty and not necessarily about brains,” she said.

Mulhern added of his new role: “Wow what an opportunity, I’m beyond excited to be hosting the brand-new series. I’ve always been such a huge fan of the show, so much so, I’ve been practising at home with small cereal boxes! It looks so simple but it’s an incredibly compelling game for both those playing and the viewers watching at home. It’s one of the greatest shows of all time and to be the new host is an honour! I can’t wait to get started.”

And if you’re finding yourself struggling to make it through to payday, it’s your lucky day. Casting for the series is now open, so you might find yourself negotiating with the Banker very soon. The release date for the upcoming series has not yet been announced, but you can click the link here to apply now. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the new series!

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