How flexible are AI chatbots as effective marketing allies


Long have marketers waited for a revolutionary technological breakthrough, a revolutionary AI intervention that would slickly bring them closer to their target audience. How you communicate with clients will be drastically changed by ChatGPT and Google Bard, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses generative language.

Offerings from Open AI based on generative AI are arriving in India at the ideal time as the country quickly adopts AI technology to improve processes, accelerate progress, and leave a digital trace. Indians are advancing farther and embracing everything digital, and the use of Open AI chatbots will only boost this trend, especially in rural India. Indians are embracing the newest digital and fintech apps more than ever, particularly in their financial and commercial interactions.

Open AI deserves special attention for its cutting-edge features. By eliminating misunderstandings and smoothly delivering the message in context, its natural language generation (NLG) methodology achieves a conversation that is nearly human-like with end users. We believe that the marketing function, especially in banks, will gain a huge collaborative boost unlike ever before, even though its usage will span industries and functions. simply because they can now better communicate with their customers thanks to a conversational AI platform.

The adoption of Open AI chatbots and other generative AI applications is something that marketers like us are very enthusiastic about. With less time spent on application development and more potent capabilities available to non-technical users, Open AI’s interventions are anticipated to advance assistive technology to new heights.

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