Her Dog Kept Making Strange Sounds At Night. As She Gets Up To Investigate, Mom Can’t Believe What She Sees

While pit bulls often get a bad rap because of negative headlines, one pit bull is being heralded a hero.

The Daniels family adopted a pit bull who they named Ember. They never could have imagined how she would some day save a family member. Ember and their 10-year-old, Tre, formed a close relationship from the start and that bond made the dog very in tune with the boy.

One morning, Tre’s mom, Tracy, awoke to hear the sound of the dog grumbling. She was groggy, but soon realized that Ember was very tense as she lied next to Tracy.

Tracy didn’t initially think anything of it, but Ember wouldn’t leave her side and continued making the noise. Tracy explained, “It wasn’t even a growl, it was just this odd grumble.”

Ember’s behavior definitely had Tracy curious about what was happening, so she got up and Ember led her to the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what she saw – Tre was hanging over the side of the tub.

Tracy explained, “I saw Tre’s legs just hanging over the side of the tub there. And as I looked into the tub, half of his body was out and the other half was in the tub and his head was fully extended back.”

She pulled her son from the tub and called 911. He was having a seizure and, had Ember not alerted Tracy to the situation, she might not have been able to save him. Tre had no idea how he even fell into the tub, but thankfully his loyal four-legged friend alerted Tre’s mom to the situation.

Doctor’s ran tests and Tre was thankfully okay after the ordeal. When he returned home, Ember was quick to stay by his side and make sure he was going to be alright.

The organization they adopted Ember from, Adore-A-Bull, are hopeful that this positive story will help pit bulls’ reputation.

Among the many comments left on the video about the family’s story were those who shared their love of the breed, with one person noting: “To all the pit bull hating people out there… all animals reflect the temperament of the owner, PERIOD! I have known numerous pit bulls, both family and friends; and not one of those dogs ever showed the temperament of a snarling beast. WHY? The reasoning is simple — the owners were not a snarling beast. PERIOD!”

Another commenter noted: “Aggressiveness is not a question of breed… even a small dog as small as a yorkshire can be dangerously agressive, the only difference is that the pit bull is a very strong dog and if agressivity is not controlled, it could be catastrophic. A good dog is a good dog without any regard for the breed.”

Another former pit bull owner remarked: “I used to own a pit bull (sadly she passed away). Only time she barked or growled was when someone was at the door or she could tell someone had a bad disposition. But my Yorkie did the SAME THING! PITS ARE AWESOME!”

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