Grouplove Catching Up at SXSW


Grouplove was remembering their first SXSW performances more than ten years after releasing their debut album.

Christian Zucconi, a founding member of Grouplove, stated on Saturday night that it was fun to return and pick up where you left off in order to continue the story.

The one-night-only performance by the alt-rock group at Hotel San José’s Amazon celebration of “Daisy Jones & the Six” was the only time they were back in Austin, Texas. Sam Claflin, Josh Whitehouse, Nabiyah Be, and Sebastian Chacon, actors from the series, were present to start the festivities.

“We got an early link to the show and I binged it in like three days,” revealed Grouplove frontwoman Hannah Hooper moments before heading onstage at Amazon’s outdoor “Prime, TX” pop-up. As a musician, it was enjoyable to observe musicians at work.

The band’s setlist includes songs from their upcoming album “I Want It All Right Now,” which will be released on July 7, as well as “Look at Us Now (Honeycomb),” a tune from the performance.

According to Hooper, the album “really focuses on the emotional journey between what we believe we want and what we truly need.” He also announced that another track and a music video will be released soon.

Last April, the band began work on their sixth new album.There was a grace period during which we may write without a label. All the emotions were there: thrilling, terrible, wonderful. So everything is there,” stated Hooper. “As an artist, I’m constantly attempting to recapture that sensation of childhood.”

Zucconi continued, “We worked on the record in the studio last March with [producer] John Congleton, and it was just a really fantastic, pleasant experience. “The last few years have been a crazy trip, and this [album] felt the most liberating since the first record we created back in 2010–2011,” the band said. Which is extremely good because it completes the cycle and gives us the chance to express ourselves freely without being scrutinized for the first time in a while.

Living aboard a bus again hasn’t been done for some time, according to Hooper. “There has to be a readjustment. Like anything else, I believe it will take some time. The adventure of traveling, though, is something I really enjoy. Everyone tends to become somewhat fixated on a routine, yet what actually propels our growth is the unexpected. Returning to the unexpected excites me.

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