Granddaughter accompanies her 88-year-old grandmother to get her first tattoo: “It’s never too late”

There is probably a perfect age for everything, but that doesn’t mean that once you get older, you lose the chance to have new experiences. The 88-year-old woman in this story, despite her age, decided to get her first tattoo. Accompanying her was her granddaughter, Renata Grandini, who assisted her while the tattoo artist, Camila Roncati, professionally tattooed a little heart on the old woman’s arm.

In addition to the elderly woman, it was the tattoo artist who was extremely excited – after all, she was not used to tattooing people as old as this Brazilian granny. Perhaps you thought only young people were interested in this art form? Well, clearly you were wrong. This granny looked forward to this new experience, even though she decided to start with a very discreet, small tattoo. Tattoo artist, Camila Roncati, was excellent in putting the grandmother at ease.  In fact, she had a coffee while she was getting the tattoo on her forearm. At the end of the process, the granny said she was very happy with her first tattoo: she loved it!

The video was shared on Instagram by the tattoo artist and it soon went viral, getting thousands of views. After all, it’s not every day one gets to see an 80-year-old getting tattooed!

The grandmother thanked the tattoo artist very much for making this moment unforgettable. Many elderly people are usually opposed to tattoos and associate this ancient art form with delinquency. Many others, however, believe that there is nothing wrong with having one or more tattoos and, above all, that you are never too old to get one for the first time.

What do you think of tattoos? Are you scared to get one? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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