Garrett Hedlund is now arrested for public drinking… days after breaking up with Emma Roberts and being charged with drunk driving negligence.

Garrett Hedlund was arrested on charges of drinking in public after spending a night in Franklin County, Tennessee on Saturday.

TMZ reports that the 36-year-old actor is currently in custody with a $2,100 security deposit for a misdemeanor.

Hedlund is currently on a three-year probation for a previous DUI case, which means a recent DUI arrest could be problematic for the star. The arrest came days after it was revealed that he had broken up with his girlfriend Emma Roberts. He has a one-year-old son, Rose.

This also comes days after it was revealed that Hedlund was charged with a car accident that occurred on the night of 2020 when he was arrested for drunk driving.

Hedlund, a woman and three children, is charged with driving a Jeep through a red light after colliding with another car and passing out. Family members claim that Hedlund, whose blood alcohol level is twice the legal limit of 0.08, tried to escape the scene that night without calling an ambulance. Court documents obtained by
PEOPLE found that the actor’s behavior was “despicable.”

The complaint said, “Hedlund’s actions were contemptuous because he was aware of and aware of the dangers to plaintiffs and the public when driving under the influence of alcohol.” Complaint also describes the strong alcohol smell coming from the actors Tron: Legacy.
“The breath, body and cockpit of the Hedlund Jeep exuded a very strong odor of strong alcohol, despite the windows being opened or broken.” Before
police arrived, Starr continued to complain that he was trying to clear an “open bottle” from the car.

Actor refused to be tested for drunk driving at the scene of the accident. When he was tested at the station two hours later, his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.
: The family sues Garrett for damages.

Hedlund was arrested on two counts of drunk driving in February 2020. After being arrested that same month, the actor was able to get a $100,000 bail waiver. According to Los Angeles County Superior Court documents obtained by
Page Six, the ‘Tron: Legacy’ actor received a 36-month probation.

Hedlund was then assigned three days of community service to one earl. The second claim was cancelled. His team reports that Hedlund did not refuse to seek mediation for substance abuse, Page Six. “When the incident occurred, Garrett immediately sought medical attention and it was successful. Today he is strong and in a great position,” the representatives told the publication. The arrest occurred while the actress was pregnant with her first child with 30-year-old actress Emma Roberts. At the end of 2020, she gave birth to a son, Rose.

It is known that they broke up after dating for about 3 years yesterday. “It’s unfortunate and I’m doing my best to be a parent. It was tough,” an insider told People about the post-breakup dynamics. asked Roberts and Hedlund’s agents for input.

Last month, Emma and Garrett hosted a rodeo-style party for their young son’s first birthday. Congratulations on ‘Loved every second. I love you Rhodes,” said Roberts, who shared adorable snaps from the party with her Instagram followers.
Emma and Garrett first started dating in March 2019 and revealed that they were expecting a baby more than a year later.

Emma gave birth in December 2020, but waited until January 2021 to reveal the birth and name of her child. The couple welcomed their first child, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, in December 2020, which they happily shared on Instagram a few weeks after their birth. stay.

He was also required to enroll in a nine-month training and counseling program for offenders using alcohol and other drugs for the first time.
The victim’s family also claims that the car keys were confiscated to prevent the victim from leaving the scene while trying to escape.

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