Family Puts Together Spectacular Funeral For Late Grandma Displaying All The Quilts She Sewed

There are different ways to show the ones you love that you care.

Some people show love by being there for you and doing the things you love with you. Others use grand gestures like stadium proposals.

For granny Margaret, her method was a little different. She was fond of sending handmade quilts to her family members as a gift.

Before her sister-in-law met her sudden demise, Margaret had 3 kids of her own. Her sister left behind two twins that Margaret gladly took in and raised them as hers.

As a her family size grew, Margaret took up the hobby of making handmade garments.

Making quilts allowed her to spend time with her big family of 5 and take care of them. She made the pastime into a longtime hobby of hers.

Before her untimely death, she had made quilts for most of her children and grandchildren.

Margaret made quilts for her grandchildren to keep them warm during those chilly nights and winter days.

She took her time to create truly artistic creations and took great pride in giving them to her loved ones. She never did it for money.

It was her way of sharing what she loves with her big family.

After her passing, a member of Margaret’s family came up with the idea of displaying all her quilts at the church as a way to show their appreciation of a life well lived.

The church was filled with amazing colors as almost all the pews had a quilt hanging on them.

It came as a surprise to most of the family members after they discovered that there were a lot of quilts.

In fact, Margaret had a written record of every quilt that she ever made and gave out to her family members. Her family also discovered this book after her demise.

Interestingly, Margaret had also made quilts and reserved them as gifts for future occasions involving family members.

The recipients of those gifts were shocked to learn about them through Margaret’s notebook.

The family sees the quilts as their grandma’s way of showing her love long after she’s gone.

Although you don’t hear of a lot of quilting nowadays, it’s an age old tradition in America; and one that ought to be brought back to the mainstream since it’s a good way to honor someone.

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