Cuddling As A Profession? This Woman Earns $40,000 A Year As A Professional Cuddler

Robin Marie is a woman who has chosen a very unique profession for herself as a professional cuddler.

She is someone who provides a service that involves cuddling, holding and spooning with men or women she doesn’t know for a fee.

Individuals who are known as “cuddlists” schedule sessions with clients that can last for several minutes to several hours.

Robin Marie makes a lucrative salary cuddling with strangers, about $40,000 annually, but makes it clear that her service is touch therapy that is totally nonsexual.

In addition to snuggling with a client, Robin Marie may also provide touches that are completely platonic, including holding hands, hugging, or spooning.

Her goal is to make her client feel connected to another human being in a comfortable way without being judged.

Robin Marie says that touch has a powerful and healing influence on people. In some sessions, she can be found merely sitting next to someone on their couch.

For other clients, it can involve holding hands, or relaxing in a spooning position while laying on a bed.

But Robin didn’t just start handing out business cards advertising her service. She completed an official four-month certification course from the Cuddlist organization.

She screens her clients prior to scheduling a session by first conducting a video chat.


And anyone interested in her cuddling services must also provide a proper form of identification in addition to signing an agreement form that specifically outlines what is and is not allowed during the session.

Only then does she agree to schedule a session and meet the client in person.

Some clients just want another person in the room with them for company, while others are more comfortable asking for skin-tracing, hugging, spooning or sitting next to each other watching television.

Even at a rate of $80 per hour, Robin already has 30 regulars on her client list, both men and women between the ages of 20 to 75.

It helps that Robin has a master’s degree in counseling psychology to help her better relate to what her clients need in the way of touch therapy.

And most of all, she is happy to provide clients with physical contact in their lives that can help combat feelings of loneliness, stress and disconnection.

Although the cuddling profession is a relatively new one, she believes that within the next 10 years, people won’t blink an eye when they hear that someone’s profession is as a professional cuddler.

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