13-Year-Old Boy Wants To Be Adopted By ‘Someone That Cares’ After Being In Foster Care For 10 years

The Annie E. Casey Foundation estimates that one in three children are in the foster care system. Tim, a 13-year-old boy, entered the foster care system when he was only three years old and is prepared for his own mother and father. Tim got the chance to share his adoption story with a wider audience because he was able to do so while still living in Texas. The young man was flown to Dallas so that he could speak with a local television station and appear on their “Wednesday’s Child” segment, which highlights children who are hoping to be adopted.

Tim talked candidly to the TV station about his ideal family when they sat down for an interview. Having spent the majority of his life alone, his greatest wish was to be part of a family with siblings and sisters. Tim wants a loving mother and father more than he wants brothers and sisters to play with. The young man expressed his desire to locate a father who will play basketball with him. He likes playing basketball. He only wants a mommy who will inquire about his day.

Tim wants to be free, which to him simply means not being owned by the state after spending so much time in foster care. He said that occasionally he would have difficulties falling asleep despite having Texas as his father. Tim acknowledged that bouncing about from house to house and never having a permanent location to call his own might be challenging. Tim also admitted that he’s a terrific kid all around; all he needs is a secure family to complete him.

Tim admitted that being owned by the state is more than challenging in his in-depth interview with KHOU. “similar to being in an unwalled prison. You have runners, but if you run, where are you going to go? There is no where else to go but back in the direction you came from,” he said.

He said that having a family will allow him to experience the freedom he has never been able to. “Freedom. Freedom to leave the house whenever I want and their lack of concern about my return since they have faith in me,” added he.

Tim acknowledged his goodness and expressed his desire for a family to recognize it. “I am an angel at home. Perfect, “said Tim. He also acknowledged that all he really wants is for people to love him. “Someone who is concerned and caring. Although she may worry for me even when I act embarrassed by it, she will continue to do so. When I walk in the door, she always asks how my day is going” he said. Tim also wants a father who will play basketball with him and help him learn how to be a man. “He will accompany me outdoors if I do. He’ll help me get back to normal,” he added.

Tim acknowledged how lonely his existence as an only child might be. Playing by oneself kind of becomes dull, he added. He wouldn’t mind having siblings and sisters for that reason. In addition, he said, “you can learn from them.”

We have hope that Tim will be adopted now that his TV special has aired.

See the video here!

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