Couple Purchase Newborn Baby For $8,600 And A Used BMW

A couple identified as Carmen and Mike Gorgan are facing possible jail time after they admitted to paying more than $8,600 and a used BMW car in exchange for a newborn baby.

They raised the suspicions of midwives at a southern France hospital by remaining by the mother’s bedside for two days and leaving the hospital with the infant.

Midwives told authorities the mother was found crying in her room after the birth. The infant was the mother’s seventh baby and she couldn’t afford to raise the child herself.

The couple said:

We didn’t think we had done anything wrong, We saved a baby from poverty. As far as we know, this baby may have died if it wasn’t for us. The baby was a “gift from God”

The couple tried unsuccessfully to have children for 10 years. The couple are now facing charges under trafficking laws and could face a fine of up to $32,490 and up to two years in jail. Ten people are currently facing charges on allegations of operating an infant smuggling ring.

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