Cop Called To Drug Den, Makes Gut-Wrenching Discovery Behind Locked Door

After a Virginia narcotics officer got a call to a drug den, he thought it would be another typical day on the job, perhaps making a few arrests. However, what he found in the back bedroom of the home changed his life forever, and it had him returning to this decrepit home on a regular basis.

Lt. Scott Keller, of the Hampton Police Department, was informed about a home in his city that was riddled with drug activity. Several men living inside were initially the focus of the officer’s investigation, but that quickly changed when Keller cracked open a back bedroom door and found what became his ten-year mission.

As the suspects spent every day doing drugs in the hell hole, their aging mother, Francis, was held captive in her own home. The ailing woman was bedridden and helpless to the criminal activity surrounding her, as she was physically confined to the bedroom. When Keller found her there, he was heartbroken by her unfathomable circumstances, and they formed an instant friendship.

Francis had called police to her home as a last resort, not knowing what else to do since her sons wouldn’t help her. Seeing her plight, Keller vowed to be her protector, not just for that day, but until she died.

The officer diligently showed up at her house to check on her, gaining her trust over time to such a level that she gave him a key to her home. Francis also authorized the officer to enforce any criminal violations he found upon entry, during his frequent unannounced visits.

The cop’s dedication to Francis ultimately resulted in a complete riddance of all criminal activity in the residence and restored peace for his friend. “She no longer felt like a prisoner in her own home,” Keller wrote on social media of his time with her, which came to a tragic end.

After ten years of friendship with Francis and routine visits to her home, nature took its course, and the ailing woman went to heaven. However, Keller is still a part of her family, as he has kept in close contact with her daughter since the woman’s passing.

Keller wasn’t sent to Francis’ home a decade ago out of coincidence. He was the exact police officer meant for the job of being this woman’s only friend and advocate. As her sons took advantage of her health status to do drugs in her home and live there for free, an angel intervened and provided her much-needed safety and reprieve.

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