Selena Gomez gives an interview and teases new music at the premiere of “My Mind & Me:I will soon be revealed to everyone, and that is who I am.


The world will get a closer look at Selena Gomez’s time in the spotlight in her documentary “Selena Gomez:My Mind and I.”The singer, actress, and producer is followed on a six-year journey as she deals with lupus, depression, and anxiety in addition to the demands of fame.

During the documentary’s premiere at the AFI Festival on Wednesday evening, Gomez opened up, revealing that the notion that the film will expose her to additional scrutiny does not discourage her.

On the red carpet, Gomez stated to Variety’s Marc Malkin, “By being fully honest and transparent about what I walked through, there’s nothing that they can say that honestly will affect me.”Everyone will soon be able to see who I am.All I have is that.”

Gomez also talked about how it hurt to look back at the documentary footage of her as a child star.

Gomez stated, “Knowing I was ever that girl, being able to see that version of myself and watching it back broke my heart.”That version of me makes me wish I could hug her.However, I felt it was necessary to share it because I wanted people to begin discussing this.

The actor from “Wizards of Waverly Place” also expressed mixed feelings regarding the pressures that came with being referred to as a “Disney kid” so early in her career.

“It wasn’t necessarily my displeasure with Disney itself,” she says.I was referred to as a “Disney kid” as a result of this.Gomez shared, “My experience was wonderful, but the title just kept going, which hurt my feelings.”I just want to get over that now.A doll of me at Target is not what I want.I simply do not.It’s a little strange.”

Gomez also opened up about her crush on Cole Sprouse when she was younger.In “My Mind & Me,” Gomez is shown as a young woman confessing her feelings for her fellow Disney Channel star, despite the fact that the actress claims that she never did so with the actor.

He is adorable to me.She stated, “I hope he doesn’t think I’m a weirdo.”

Finally, Gomez teased her fans by announcing that new music would be released “hopefully next year.”And a trip?Maybe!I know.I ought to, correct?”

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