Boy Seeking Help Dials 911, Crews Startled By What They Discover On The Ground

A boy residing in Washington state called the cops frantically looking for help but he ends the phone call before authorities could completely understand what was going on inside of his home. Once they pulled up the the scene, they were in shock by what they spotted the child doing, then they noticed what was on the ground.

The Monroe Fire District came to a home that belonged to Brian Anaka, who stayed there with his 12-year-old son, Taylor. Once they arrived on the scene, they discovered a U-Haul truck parked outside with items scattered everywhere, and Brian was on the ground in in the middle of the mix.

Taylor was over his body saying to himself that he “didn’t know what to do,” saying that he had just acted. That’s when the boy and his dad experienced what could only be explained as a miracle.

According to Q13 Fox, Brian collapsed suddenly in the middle of moving furniture from his house into the trailer. Taylor had been helping his father lift the pieces into the truck, when his dad fell to the ground suddenly and wasn’t breathing. The boy had never taken a single CPR class, but he dropped down and started performing the rescue act on his father with expert skill.

“I just knew what to do, I don’t know how,” the child hero told the news station on Thursday of his instinctual decision to save his dad’s life. “God just took the wheel…”

Responders took over Taylor’s effort upon arrival and rushed Brian to the hospital, where he’s recovering. He may not have made it that far had God not guided his son to do what he did until medics got there. “I’m just lucky … I got a second chance at life,” Brian said.

The fire department is praising this boy for his remarkable effort that they rarely, if ever, see from a kid his age. “The actions that Taylor demonstrated that day were remarkable,” a spokesperson from Monroe Fire District 3 said. “Studies show that for every minute CPR is not initiated, there is a 10 percent decrease in survival. Taylor increased his father’s survival rate by initiating CPR.”

At just 12-years-old, this boy can say that he’s already saved a person’s life, and the best part is that it was his father, who raised him right. He didn’t doubt his abilities for what needed to be done, he just did it knowing that God was in control and would help him thorough it. That act of faith paired with courage is why this dad lived to see another day with his son.

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