Officers Rush To 4-Year-Old’s Home After She Utters 6 Scary Words

You would think that a four-year-old wouldn’t have many problems in life yet, but it turns out that many young children have monsters in their homes! Oh My! Sidney Fahrenbruch and her family had just moved into a new house in Colorado. Sidney, who wants to be a cop, was concerned that there could be monsters in her new house, and to her, this was an emergency!

So, while out at a community barbecue, decked out in her police outfit, Sidney met Office David Bonday from the Longmont Police Department. She walked right over to him and asked him to come inspect her home for monsters. Officer Bonday agreed to give the house a once over, and when he arrived, Sidney was on the porch waiting for him!

Take a look at this video

Bonday was tickled to have someone so adorable ask him to check for monsters and then give him back-up as he did his search! Share away, people!

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