A support dog helps his young mistress with epileptic seizures and here is how…

As a result of her training, Ariel is one of those service dogs who can alert Hadley Jo before she suffers a seizure.

With their pets, many people develop extraordinary relationships, and some even start to think of their dogs as their children. Because of their love and affection for one another, Jo and Ariel’s connection is one that crosses all boundaries. The young girl’s dog posed with her because their relationship is so deep.

Hadley Jo, a little American girl, was getting ready to pose for the camera and have her picture taken for the school yearbook, like she did every year. However, this time the young girl requested to appear with her pet dog, Ariel, in addition to wanting to look perfect, tidy, and adorable.

Ariel isn’t just any dog, it turns out. The dog came into Jo’s life to do more than just love and protect her; he also looks out for the wellbeing of his young mistress. a support animal that looks after the young girl having epileptic convulsions and is thanked in a guestbook.

An assistance dog treating his young mistress’s epileptic seizures

Hadley Jo developed seizures at a young age as a result of “brain short circuits.” For the same reason, her mother, Heather DeVore Lange, had to figure out a means to keep her daughter safe while still ensuring that she could go about her everyday business just like any other child.

Ariel entered their life in this manner. This lovely medium-sized service dog has been properly trained to “sniff out” Jo’s impending seizures and warn her to lay down on the ground, stop her from hurting herself in the event of an emergency, or signal his parents to give him medicine.

“Ariel alerts us before a seizure happens, enabling us to provide emergency medication in less than two minutes, saving my daughter’s life. Ariel is assisting me in my mission to offer my daughter as independent of a life as possible.

Ariel goes everywhere with Jo every day. from sleeping to attending class. The latter made the decision to include the dog in the directory for the same reason—to give it the recognition it so richly deserved.

Hadley Jo took part in the eagerly anticipated yearly photo shoot to have her picture shot, but this time it was even more fun because her dog, Ariel, also took part.

“It means the world to me that my daughter and her service dog are accepted and included. Knowing that my daughter and her service dog have a loving home away from home at school is incredibly comforting.

Jo and Ariel are aware that their world is perfect as long as they are together, no matter where they are.

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