Queen Camilla Jokes About Taking [THIS] Role Away From King Charles


Queen Camilla has recently been in a humorous mood, and King Charles should keep an eye out! On a recent occasion, the Queen discussed the royal position she hopes to take over from her husband. She joked about trying to ‘nudge’ King Charles out of one of his royal obligations. Let us discover what it is!

Queen Camilla Jokes About Taking King’s Duties

On June 12, the 76-year-old Queen paid a visit to London’s The Garden Museum. She took a tour of the Bloomsbury Women Outdoors exhibit ‘Gardening Bohemia’. In an impromptu speech, she revealed that her most recent visit to the place was her third in a year.

The tour was affiliated with the female artists of the renowned Bloomsbury Group, and she described it as a ‘special place.’ The occasion drew a star-studded crowd, including museum president TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh and royal flourish Shane Connolly.

Queen Camilla Visited The Garden Museum

Furthermore, in her speech, she stated that she would gladly take over the institution’s sponsorship. The Queen joked about wanting to ‘take that one away’ from the monarch. She remarked, “I’m not sure how many visits I’ve paid here – quite a few.

I recognize my husband’s patron, but I may have to nudge him; I’d like to take that one away from him. It’s such an awesome place that every time I’m asked, I just want to return, and I believe this wonderful show recognizing women in gardening is quite essential.”

Camilla Wants To Be A Patron

Following Charles’ official ascension in 2023, the King and Queen took on a few patronages. Queen Elizabeth II formerly held 492 patronages, and her son has served as patron since he was the Prince of Wales. Following Queen’s visit, Mr Titchmarsh praised Queen’s gardening talents and stated that he would be delighted to have ‘either or both’ as patrons.

He also mentioned the Queen’s private home in Gloucestershire, stating that she has plenty of areas to practice gardening. Fans of the Royal Family are aware that Camilla enjoys gardening and has been outspoken about it.

She discussed her passion for gardening in a documentary and on the cover of Country Life magazine in 2022. “I love gardening. It’s therapeutic… Go into the garden, get on with it,” Camilla said. His Majesty appears to be delegating one of his responsibilities to his wife.

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