A Fathers Crushed His Baby’s Skull For Fun, Gets Shocking Dose Of Prison Justice

When Daniel Wilson’s cellmate found out about the twisted “fun” the father had with his infant son, resulting in the baby’s death, the disgusted cellmate made sure that karma paid a visit to this evil parent. Getting creative with his approach, the man who slept on the cot next to the baby killer delivered a surprise dose of prison justice.

The St. Louis native probably thought he had gotten off easy after being sentenced to life in prison rather than death, for beating his 7-month-old baby boy so bad that he crushed his skull and killed him in 2010.

Settling into his new digs at Missouri’s Potosi Correctional Center, with three hot meals taken care of for him and endless hours of reading in his prison cell, Wilson never saw what was coming when 38-year-old Brandon Kulhanek was assigned to share a cell with him.

Brandon Kulhanek

According to the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, Kulhanek was serving an 18-year sentence for assault and other charges when he got into an argument in the shared cell space with Wilson.

It quickly became violent, and since Wilson is only accustomed to beating babies, he couldn’t hold his own against a grown man. Not long after the fight began, Wilson was pronounced dead on the floor of his cell, suffering a crushed larynx.

Now, Kulhanek is facing the same life sentence Wilson once was, since he’s been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly beating the degenerate dad to death.

Hopefully, a judge will see the situation for what it is — an eye for an eye and Wilson getting exactly what he deserved for fracturing his son’s skull and causing brain damage in a fit of rage. He needed the death sentence to begin with, and this inmate made sure he got it.

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