Cops Rush To The Scene Of An Abandoned Toddler On The Side Of The Road. Then They Discover He’s Not Alone

When police get calls involving children, they take them very seriously. So when the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office was called about a toddler boy, who was cut and scratched, they knew they had to act fast.

But when the caller reported that the boy was wandering beside a road in Camden, Arkansas, the Sheriff’s office grew very concerned. They did not know what had happened to the young boy and were worried that he might be the victim of some type of unthinkable abuse.

The Sheriff’s Deputies rushed out of the station to get to the location as fast as possible. Lieutenant Nathan Greeley arrived at the scene and was horrified to see the boy in the state in which he was in because “he looked like someone who had crawled through a bunch of thorns.”

But the horrible story did not end with this boy’s rescue. Just thirty minutes later, someone came forward to identify him. He was three-year-old Kylen Holliman who had been missing for an entire day. But he was not the only one who had been missing. His mother and one-year-old brother also had not been heard from for a day. Their family was horrified and feared that they had gotten into some type of life-threatening accident.

Not far from the spot where Kylen had been found, police officers found his mother’s vehicle. It was totaled. And beside it, they saw the unthinkable – Lisa’s corpse, bloodied and battered.

“You could tell he was just happy someone was there,” Lieutenant Greeley said. “It didn’t matter if it was a complete stranger or not, we gave him the comfort that he needed.”

Although the car crash had killed their mother, she had done an excellent job keeping her little boys safe. They only sustained minor injuries in the crash. But they were not in the best shape. They had been without food and water since the accident and were in desperate need of it. But the good news was that they had been found. They could get the help they needed to recover.

Thankfully, the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office looked at all the clues and was able to save the life of an infant.

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