A 100-year-old WWII veteran falls in love with a 102-year-old woman and here is what they decide to do… Video attached!

A couple dates, falls in love and gets married at the court just several months later.

It’s a similar story, except this time the protagonists aren’t a starry-eyed young couple. Instead, it’s two senior individuals, both of them are over 100 years old.

Both John and Phyllis Cook are residents of the Kingston Residence in Sylvania, Ohio. Since their flats were only a floor apart, they met and formed a strong friendship.

“To tell the truth, we fell in love with one another,” Phyllis, who will turn 103 this summer, told WNWO. “I see why you might think that for somebody our age, that’s a little too far, but we fell in love with one another.”

John, a 100-year-old WWII veteran, remarked, “We were just similar in a variety of ways, and we find ourselves having a nice time.” They were both widows and had been married twice previously.

Their time spent together, however, extends beyond Bingo. When asked what their favorite activity to do together, John replied, “Well, I probably shouldn’t talk about that.”

On the other side, Phyllis was more forthright and honest:

“Neither he nor I am sexually dead to the fullest extent!” Phyllis informed KHOU 11. “As a Christian, I just don’t believe in jumping in bed until you’re married,” she explained, citing her beliefs.

Once they left the courtroom, they had no clue they’d be married.

“It wasn’t the idea,” John explained to WNWO, “but when we got here, they said  “we could marry you here.”

“I replied, ‘Good, let’s get this over with,’” he added, as though he couldn’t wait to finally start married life.

So John determined to make her a good lady, and the 2 of them went to the courthouse to get married.

The couple has many more years of happiness ahead of them. Phyllis’ mom lived to be 106, so despite their age, they seem to have some good genes fighting for them.

It’s a story about how you’re never too old for a new romance or a new beginning.

However, the couple recognizes the importance of personal space, and Phyllis promises that they will each have their own space. Why do things have to be rushed?

Watch the video below!

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