Woman Hits Protester With Car After He Smashed Her Windshield, Jury Delivers Unexpected Verdict

A jury found 37-year-old Jennifer Watson not guilty of assault for running over a protester during the George Floyd protests in Denver. However, Watson was found guilty of misdemeanor reckless driving.

A video of the May 28 incident shows a black SUV honking at the protesters surrounding it. According to Insider, a protester was on the hood of the car before the video started. The car then started moving and the protester jumped off. Some members of the crowd were heard screaming, “watch out.”

Photo Credit: Twitter/Ricky B.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Ricky B.

The car swerved, hit the protester, and fled the scene.

Ryan Brackley, Watson’s attorney, stated that his client feared for her safety.

Photo Credit: 9News

Photo Credit: 9News

“Ms. Watson should not have been charged. We appreciate the jury’s verdict of not guilty to the assault charge,” Brackley Law Office PLLC said in a statement.

According to Brackley, Watson was alone with her dog in the car taking her usual route home when 22-year-old Max Bailey jumped on the hood and smashed the windshield.

Photo Credit: 9News

Photo Credit: 9News

Bailey stated that he jumped on the car because he feared getting run over. He sustained some swelling and bruising in the incident.

Sources: Yahoo

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