Woman Desperate For Baby Tries Every Possible Option To Get Pregnant, Then Learns Truth From Husband

After getting married, a woman was desperate to grow their family. She and her husband kept trying and trying and trying. However, despite all their hard work, the woman just was not getting pregnant. She amassed 29 negative pregnancy tests and even underwent hormone injections. At her lowest point, her husband comes to her and tells her the devastating news – that he had previously undergone a vasectomy and could not get her pregnant.

Because the anonymous woman could not believe her situation, she turned to Reddit to share her horrifying story and to get support from the internet community at large. People could not believe that her husband would put her through the wringer like that.

Not only did she think she couldn’t get pregnant, but she also started to blame herself because she had been previously diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. That’s why she tried fertility treatments for three years before she realized the devastating truth that her husband had sabotaged her dream of having a family years before when he got himself snipped. The truth came out when she gave her husband a choice between divorce and IVF.

“After three years of painful, invasive and expensive fertility treatment, I find out my husband had a vasectomy before we met,” she wrote on Reddit.

“He let me endure 29 negative pregnancy tests and numerous hormone injections, and he never thought to tell me. He also explained that he didn’t tell me because he loved me and was worried I would leave.”

Obviously, the man had a serious problem with his mental health. If he did not, he would have revealed the truth to his wife way before they started trying to have a family.

“So, I’ve laid out the options: he gets it reversed, he agrees to me using donor sperm, or we get a divorce. I love him. But I’m broken. And given his lies, I think we are better off not married. I could still get donor sperm, and honestly, that might be for the best.”

On Reddit, almost every reader offered harsh criticism for the unthoughtful husband. Many other people encouraged her to leave him because he was a toxic person.

“This guy is straight up trash. Certified absolute garbage. How do you let someone you supposedly love go through all that?” an angry reader asked.

Another person shared her shock, “Good lord. I thought I’d seen some trash, but she’s married to a freaking landfill.”

“I hope she leaves him. This is unbelievable. A lot of people I know with PCOS are already very stressed about their chances of being able to conceive, and this a**hole made it worse for his wife,” another person wrote in the comments.

Obviously, many people are outraged that he would ever treat the love of his life like this. He could have told her the truth from the beginning.

What do you think about this story? Should she try to have a child with him or should they get divorced and put an end to the toxic relationship?

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