With his album “Maana Será Bonito,” Karol G creates chart-topping history


The historical No. 1 debut of Maana Será Bonito by Karol G on the Billboard 200 albums list feels “enormous,” the Colombian star stated.

Not only is the album at the top of the overall albums chart, but it is also Karol G’s first album to do so as well as the first female artist’s album in all Spanish to do so. “I feel incredibly unique. I feel special more than just happy, Karol G told Billboard.

Prior to this, only two Bad Bunny albums, both in Spanish, topped the chart (Un Verano Sin Ti in 2022 and El Ultimo Tour del Mundo in 2020).”The standard was high,” she added, “since my last album did so well and had all those great singles, including ‘Bichota. “But I felt pressured, therefore I didn’t want to compose songs. I wanted to create the music I wanted to, therefore it means a lot that I reached No. 1 with such a very personal record.

Moreover, Maana Será Bonito is the first Latin album by a woman to top the Billboard 200 chart since 1995. Dreaming of You, Selena’s partially Spanish-language posthumously released album from that year, topped the charts for one week.

Selena is one of Karol G’s idols, and she expressed her pleasure by writing, “I’m sharing something with Selena! That’s incredible. envision my year.

What’s even great is that SZA was the artist at No. 1 before I reached No. 1 during International Women’s Month, Karol G said. “Yet ‘TQG’ is No. 1 [on Spotify], and all these female-authored songs are at the top. We are in such a powerful time. We’re aiming higher now.

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