Whole Pizza Hut Branch Shut Down After Employee Was Seen Urinating In The Sink

You hope that when you go to a restaurant, the people in the kitchen are doing their jobs correctly.

Like they have washed their hands and follow all the rules of hygiene and sanitation in the kitchen where the food is prepared.

In a shocking video from Kermit, W. Va. a Pizza Hut employee was seen urinating in the sink!

This wasn’t just any employee mind you – it was the restaurant’s district manager! CBS Pittsburgh reported the man took at least two breaks to pee in the sink!

Pizza Hut has claimed the incident occurred after business hours and they took immediate action against the employee.

The location was completely closed because the conditions inside constituted a substantial hazard to public health!

Take a look at this video

Seeing videos like this makes me think that eating out isn’t worth it!

Trust no one, prepare your own meals and eat at home!

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