While promoting “Fleishman Is In Trouble,” Claire Danes looks stunning.

Fleishman Is In Trouble: Claire Danes stars in new adaptation,alongside Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Eisenberg

How this will work as a miniseries intrigues me much. I really wasn’t sure if I was enjoying the ride until a point very, very deep into the book when the way the author wrote something made me realize how clever the whole endeavor was.

The book was written by the brilliant Taffy Akner, who is the author of so many unforgettable celebrity profiles, some of which I will link at the end of this. It took some effort to get there, and I’m not sure how they’ll pull it off on screen since for me, that moment of genius lived solely in the text, when and where and in the meta way it was employed.

They could! Given that she adapted the series, I assume she shares my sentiments on that particular scene. (I’m deliberately leaving out details since if you haven’t read it but intend to watch the program, it could give away the ending.)

Anyway, here is the premiere of Fleishman Is In Trouble, starring Claire Danes and Jesse Eisenberg as the Fleishmans, two actors that I can’t image having a strong sexual connection with. Would you mind if I also said that, despite the fact that I am aware that no one person truly owns a typeface, I always refer to this font — the title font on the backdrop — as The Woody Allen Font because he used it so much in his films? I curse THAT person and his tiny typeface.

Finally, all of Taffy’s NYT articles are paywalled if you want to take a trip down memory lane with her. The GQ stories don’t charge you anything in exchange for your email address. You have been forewarned. Robert Pattinson’s GQ feature is a genuinely bizarre work of genius. Once, Nicki Minaj passed out during their GQ interview. Nicki dozed off. She is well known for penning a piece for the Times titled “Bradley Cooper Is Not Really Into This Profile.” Her Tom Hanks article for them is more of a soft weepie, and she extensively examined GOOP, warts and all. ( One of the reasons I detest Gwyneth is because she essentially laughed and was unresponsive when Taffy criticized the lack of fact-checking GOOP does.

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