When a fire destroys four manufacturing lines, an Apple India assembler is scrambling to resume production


Foxlink, a Taiwanese provider of iPhone charging cords, experienced a fire on Monday that stopped production and production at its facility in India. The factory is situated in the Chittoor district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Foxlink has now stated that it is making every effort to get its factory back in operation.

In addition to engaging with clients to “explore solutions for the production capacity affected before resuming work,” Foxlink said it is presently looking into the origin of the incident. Four manufacturing lines are damaged, but the facility is still closed off by the fire department. Fire extinguishers, safety devices like smoke detectors, and sprinklers are the only devices that can put out a fire, according to J Ramanaiah, who oversees the region’s Fire Services Department.

Reuters previously reported that some Apple representatives visited the location on Tuesday for meetings. At the plant in Andhra, Foxlink runs a total of 10 production lines that are spread over two different buildings. The fire entirely destroyed four of the ten, leaving two. By the end of this week, the business intends to start up the six remaining assembly lines.

Apple is optimistic about India since it enables it to meet its manufacturing needs. The iPhone manufacturer initially began producing in the nation in 2017 with older models, but more recently, they have also begun producing the newest model introductions for the year. Apple is working to mitigate its supply chain and lessen its reliance on China.

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