What Cops Found Stashed Throughout Man’s Home Has Town On High Alert

Texas authorities are putting residents on notice to be on the lookout for a growing threat that has just been unearthed in Conroe, Texas, after what was discovered in a man’s home. This southern city joins the list of many hubs around the country, where this danger to children has become a problem, with specific concern for the month of October.

Following a tip that led to an investigation, authorities had good reason to raid 55-year-old Terry Keith Wendt’s home on September 14. After what they recovered, they likely saved a lot of children from imminent harm, but where there is one, there is probably more perpetrators still lurking, which warranted an alert for parents.

According to Click 2 Houston, the Montgomery and Waller county High Intensity Drug Trafficking personnel found heaps of hydroponic marijuana and pot-laced candy, specifically designed and packaged to look like common, innocent candy that kids would consume without realizing the sinister nature of the edibles.

What makes this discovery of particular concern is that the candy appeared to be created in a way to be disguised as something kids would eat without thinking, directly ahead of Halloween. These drug-laced products could easily be handed out to trick-or-treaters for the same reason that disturbing adults put sharp objects in candy for kids — their own sick enjoyment of harming innocents.

“If a child sees what appears to be candy, they can eat it not knowing that there are narcotics inside the candy,” Lt. Brady Fitzgerald, who was in on the bust, told Fox 26. “The second thing is the way it’s packaged and promoted, obviously it’s being promoted as candy, so what target audience are they looking at?”

Some of the “trick” candy recovered from Wendt’s home

Wendt had such a large assortment of hydroponic marijuana stashed throughout his house, that his charges were escalated to a felony level. For already being a felon prior to this bust, Wendt’s participation in taking in this shipment of narcotics, delivered to him from across state lines, has him looking at a litany of charges. This entrepreneurial criminal was hit with not only manufacturing delivery of a controlled substance, but also charged with being a felon in possession of marijuana and an unlawful possession of a firearm, since he’s not legally allowed to own one.

What makes hydroponic marijuana different from your standard pot is that it’s highly concentrated. When put into an edible form and in a small child’s mouth, the health danger to that little kid is terrifying. “We have had several deaths as a result of young people either ingesting, or taking narcotics,” Fitzgerald told the news station, which gives them added reason to be concerned that these products could end up in the wrong hands.

There are so many sick and twisted people in society these days that want nothing more than to hurt children for their own disgusting enjoyment. Sometimes those criminals don’t look the part from the outside, so it’s up to parents to be diligent about everything our children ingests and who they interact with.

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