Walmart Employee Goes On Alert When This Mom Put $1800 Worth Of Items In Her Cart, However The Total Was Only $3.84

Although you shouldn’t take anything that isn’t yours, some crimes of theft are worst than others and there are people who seem to enjoy the thrill of stealing, even if they have no real need for any items at all. For example, One Walmart employee saved the store a whole lot of money when he realized that a shoplifter was being quite crafty about how she was going about stealing some goods.

Twenty-five-year-old wife and mom, Cheyenne Amber West was shopping at Walmart one day when she decided to use some creativity to get her a few pricey items for free. Instead of choosing some items to simply remove from the store, West was seen replacing the regularly priced barcodes with discounted and clearance codes from other items. She then took the items to the self-checkout and tried to get away leaving with $1,824 worth of items for only $3.70.

Luckily a loss prevention employee happened to witness West as she was going through the checkout register with her mom. In no time, West was charged with felony grand theft and felony shoplifting and placed on a $3,000 bond.
In a statement on an arrest affidavit, West shared the following statement…

“I am just trying to get gifts for my son that I cannot afford. The computer is for my husband. Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice, as well.”

Sounds like a pretty poor excuse to steal from a store. Not to mention the fact, that if her husband could afford to buy her a Coach purse, then surely she has enough money to purchase items at Walmart without having to steal them.

In another shoplifting crime that was done for a completely different reason, one boy was actually trying to better himself and had to rely on stealing to do so. The 18-year-old boy was caught stealing a tie, dress shirt, and socks in hopes of showing up to a job interview in the appropriate attire so he could one day land a decent job and give back to the community.

Canadian Constable Niran Jeyanesan was stuck having to make a tough decision. Did she charge him and set him back in life even more, or did she let it slide hoping to give the young man a chance to better himself?
The cop who was involved in the case saw the teen in a tough situation and he felt compelled to let him off the hook and he even took it a step further and purchased the stolen items for the boy.

The feel-good story was shared on social media and instantly got a lot of likes.
The following caption was shared with a photo of Division Staff Sgt. Paul Bois…
“GOOD NEWS DAY STARTER: 18-year-old Niran Jeyanesan got caught shoplifting a tie, dress shirt, and socks from a Walmart in Toronto on Sunday. It turned out he needed them for a job interview. Instead of arresting him, one of the cops who showed up BOUGHT them for him!!”

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