Verizon Increases Prices for Several Older Unlimited Plans


This week, Verizon will increase the cost of a selection of older plans that haven’t been available in recent memory. This cost hike affects a number of other unlimited plans, not only the outdated legacy unlimited plan.

Verizon has released information about the impending changes and all 9 of the affected plans on a support page. As early as April 10, 2023, these nine unlimited plans will face a $2/month per phone line pricing rise. If you decide to go with one of these plans, the only modification to be aware of is the monthly cost rise.

Following is a list of all the plans that have had an increase:

Go Unlimited Loyalty Version 1.0

Go Unrestricted Hello Again

1.0 Beyond Unlimited

The Unlimited New Verizon Plan $110

The Unlimited Verizon Plan’s New Smartphone $65

Plan 55+ Unlimited 55+ Unlimited Loyalty Plan Unlimited Business Plan

I don’t have any advice for you on how to prevent the $2/mo increase, sorry. Verizon suggests either moving to one of their current unlimited plans or picking a prepaid plan to avoid the additional fee. I’m done now. If you want to maintain the above-mentioned plan, there is no alternative option to avoid this rise.

Verizon claims that you will see a “Plan Rate Adjustment” line in the one-time charges & credits when this $2/mo rise appears on your account.

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