Unhinged Alaska Man Goes BONKERS In Walmart: “Please Go Back To Your Service Of Satan”

Karen come get your man, he’s loose at the local Walmart.

This gem comes to us from the lovely town of Anchorage, Alaska, where this University of Texas-clad man was asked to leave for refusing to wear a mask. That’s when ALL HELL broke loose.

As far as lunatics roving the aisles of Walmart go, this fella is pretty standard. He definitely isn’t the first assclown to be bounced from a store not wearing a mask, he assuredly won’t be the last.

But it’s what he says during the confrontation that makes this video downright hysterical. Going old school Baptist preacher on their ass, he delivers some hysterical one-liners to the staff:

“Get back on your highway to Hell.”

“Get out of a Godly man’s face.”

“Please go back to your service of Satan.”

“You ain’t even human!”

I seriously cannot stop laughing…

Also the person behind the camera when he says “fight involves contact, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, and you’re about in fucking contact bro.”


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