Uber Driver Drops Passengers Off At Airport, Returns To Rob Their Home

It’s always an important reminder that crime can happen anywhere. Although there are some places that are certainly safer than others, it is always important to exercise caution.

This story illustrates how crime can strike at the times it would be least expected.

One suspect decided to turn on his Uber passenger. After dropping his customer off at the airport, the driver returned to his home in an attempted robbery.

Luckily, the house was equipped with an alarm. The noise scared off the criminal.

According to the local police in San Mateo, the Uber passengers were on vacation and staying in an Airbnb rental.

They were driven to the airport by Jackie Gordon Wilson who decided to return to the rental thereafter.

After trying to break into the home, the alarm system started to ring. Wilson fled the scene immediately.

Instead of hiding from the police, the audacious criminal decided to rob another home.

He drove to another part of San Francisco and broke into a family’s home in the middle of the day.

Fortunately, the couple was able to capture footage of the robbery on their Ring camera.

The couple was willing to speak with local news outlets as long as their identities remained secret.

Wilson tore apart the entire home. He moved every item of furniture and even managed to open a safe.

Instead of finding valuable jewelry or money, the safe was full of family heirlooms. Some of these heirlooms even date back to the Holocaust.

Their sentimental value is immeasurable. The couple is afraid that Wilson will only pawn these heirlooms for some extra cash.

After footage from the Ring camera was shared online, the owner of the Airbnb unit identified Wilson as the man who attempted to break into the rental.

All of this information has been shared with the local police. The investigation is still underway and no arrests have been made.

The homeowners are now providing a word of caution to those who frequently use ridesharing services.

While Uber operators are often the victims of crime, there are many stories involving these drivers as the perpetrators.

Although these companies provide safety tips for passengers, many people are starting to question the screening process.

Nobody is sure whether these background checks are thorough enough to ensure a rider’s safety.

It is important to remember that these companies work in the tech industry and not the security industry.

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