Tom Sizemore was remembered by John Travolta as a “Outstanding Character Actor” in the movie “Speed Kills.”


Tom Sizemore, who passed away on Friday at the age of 61, was recalled by John Travolta on social media as a “great character actor.”

They collaborated on the 2018 criminal drama directed by Jodi Scurfield and starring Jennifer Esposito, Kellan Lutz, and James Remar. Travolta praised him as a “excellent character actor” in a Saturday Instagram Story. “He was acting in complete confidence. The time I spent working with him was incredibly enjoyable. He’ll be sorely missed.Sizemore passed away on Friday after suffering a stroke and brain aneurysm at his Los Angeles home on February 18.

He was most known for his roles in the 1990s and early 2000s action movies Heat, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, and Saving Private Ryan, which won an Oscar. Prior to last week, when his representative Charles Lago stated that his family will be making end-of-life decisions, he was a patient at the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center’s intensive care unit and had been in a coma.

Several of Sizemore’s former co-stars remembered the True Romance actor after his hospitalization and passing, including Travolta. Over the past week, his Heat co-star Danny Trejo and A Matter of Degrees co-star Wendell Pierce have each posted their own condolences on social media.

“Lovely person, god called another hero back,” Trejo said, accompanying a photo of him, Sizemore and fellow Heat actors like Robert De Niro, Jon Voight and Val Kilmer.“One of my first films was with Tom Sizemore. A bon vivant and great actor. God bless him,” Pierce wrote in a tweet on Feb. 28.

On Sunday, De Niro’s rep also shared a statement from the actor with THR, saying, “I am very sorry to hear about Tom’s passing. He was [a] wonderful actor, and I had great affection for him.”

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