This six-year-old girl died. Three days later her mother found something in her sock drawer that left her confused.

Destiny and Corey were all ready to rejoice in their 7th year anniversary of marital bliss.Sweethearts at the ages of 15 and 16, they knew they were meant for one another and proceeded into marriage only 3 years later. Since then their marriage had been marvelous.

The next natural step was a child. Parker Lee was born and the plans began to emerge on how their family unit would make their way in the world. A house was of course on the list, as well as plans to make their family even bigger! They were truly a team and were mapping out a bright future together.

Then came the day that would change everything. The change would be destructive in nature, and it would emanate from a complete stranger. The young mother posted this message on social media a year after the incident, regarding the day that changed their lives for good.

“A year ago today was like many other days. Corey Mantia woke up and went to work. Parker and I stayed at home and played together all day. Corey later came home played with our sweet baby as we waited to load up for a wrap appointment. That spare cash was much needed for our little family. Well time comes for us to leave. Little did we know in a few short minutes everything would change. We would no longer get to live our future together. Any dreams we had would no longer happen together. We wouldn’t get to purchase our first house together, we wouldn’t get to take Parker for his first hair cut, his first day at school, and our family would never grow. This would be it. Everything we would have ever known would come to an end and not by choice.

On our way to this wrap appointment my amazing husband whom was driving, my precious baby whom I still nursed and kept rear facing watching Mickey Mouse Club house, and I were struck nearly head on at an excessive speed by a drunk driver. This is a date and time that will forever be embedded in my head. The action of this one selfish person who thought they were “ok” to drive instantly took the life of my sweet innocent 15 month old son in the back seat. She would cause my husband and I to be air lifted from the scene where my husband would loose his fight 24 hours later. She would cause a family to be devastated and emergency personnel to need counseling.

One selfish decision to drink and drive caused me to be a widow and a mom to an angel at the age of 21. She has caused many nightmares with the news of various reports being released such as an autopsy of my baby being sent to me or many reconstruction pictures. Many things a 21 year old should never have to see or imagine. She ended any dreams that we may have had together and caused pain I never knew existed.

That day the Destiny that was a mom and wife died as well. I’ve sense had to find myself. I never knew the strength I could pull out that I never knew I had. I think I was able to find this strength through the prayers and support of many friends and family and also an amazing widows group who kept me knowing I was normal for feeling how I felt.

This hurt, pain and our future could of all been prevented if someone would have stepped up and stopped this selfish woman from drinking and driving. You can save someone’s life too! Don’t allow your friends and family drink and drive. Don’t share DUI checkpoints. Be an advocate! Stand up with me! Let’s stop this. One is too many. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!”

Please help this young woman get the message out there, especially since she has received no closure from the family. It’s up to us to spread the word of what a destructive, selfish action can have on the lives of good people who did nothing wrong to deserve such a tragic outcome.

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