This kid requested two lunch bags each day, and eventually, his mom realized why…

Dylan, a student, asked his mother every day to give him 2 school sandwiches rather than one at the start of the school year.

His mother made no inquiries. She believed that her son simply had a ravenous appetite.

She soon learned, however, that her kid had asked her for two lunch bags so he could give one to a hungry classmate.

But one day, she couldn’t help herself and yelled, “Baby, aren’t you full?” in a furious tone. The second one is for my classmate, the son retorted. He brings nothing to eat during lunch because he doesn’t have any money.

Josette was taken aback.

The family of his classmate turned out to be in serious problems; the mother of the family lost her job and is now just scraping by.

Josette’s heart melted because she had experienced a similar dire circumstance in the past.

After losing her job, a single mother was forced to sleep in her car.

Every day, she proceeded to make a second lunch for the classmate of her son.

Later, she received an invitation to Dylan’s friend’s mother’s waiting car at the school one morning.

She claimed to be extremely appreciative for everything and to know everything.

She has a job now and has given Josette money.

Naturally, Josette refused the cash and instead did even more for Dylan’s friend.

Additionally, Josette was inspired to do more by her son’s deed of generosity in looking after a friend.

They were able to gather $400 and provide students from low-income households with lunches in the school cafeteria.

“Son, I adore you! I’m so proud of you! Do the right thing at all times! Your admirer.

Helping others around us can be the first step in improving the planet.

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