This dog was abandoned with 9 puppies, but an amazing thing happened…

Unfortunately, a person can be cruel even to his own kind, not to mention our smaller brothers. But in contrast to them, there are kind and sympathetic people, thanks to whom the balance of good and evil in the world is preserved. Today’s story is proof of this. Early in the morning on April 26, an employee drove up to the church in the town of Abilan, which is located in Texas.

He parked his car in the parking lot as usual and headed for the entrance. But on the way, the man heard strange sounds and whining. Deciding to check who it was, he headed in their direction. Finally, the following picture appeared before him – he saw a whining dog and a plastic blue container next to it.

The man cautiously approached and tried to open the container, the lid fit snugly and when he took it off, he saw a terrible picture: 9 puppies were lying at the bottom, tightly pressed together. By this time, other church employees arrived, they were amazed at human cruelty and did not understand how a mother with newly born puppies could be thrown out into the street.

Eyewitnesses posted pictures of a dog with puppies on the Internet to attract attention and possibly find those involved in such a cruel act. Fortunately, an incredible thing happened and thanks to the photos that appeared on the Internet, a local animal rescue organization found out about it, and two of its volunteers immediately went in search of the unfortunate family of animals.

One of the volunteers named Angel Urban said that a 5-year-old dog named Dori was injured when she was found, besides, one of the puppies, named Pitch, had a tumor on his throat, so he had to be euthanized. Misty Borger, who went with Urban to save the animals, confessed with great disappointment: «I just can’t imagine how people can do this.

To leave a mother with 2-week-old children alone in danger.» All the animals were taken to the organization’s shelter. Since they needed care almost 24 hours a day, Misty personally took care of them, giving them temporary shelter and all the necessary attention. In addition, it is known that the organization has started collecting donations to cover the costs of treating helpless puppies.

«The mother and the puppies are safe now,» Misty said. Of course, this story of the abandoned Dori with puppies caused a huge outrage among animal rights activists, who could not understand how someone could be so cruel as to leave all these animals to their fate without water and food.

Now the organization’s page provides news about the condition of Dori and the health of puppies. Now the mother and children are fine, they have their own warm house and food. It is also reported that all of them are being sterilized, the shelter is already looking for a new loving family for the animals.

Fortunately, everything ended well for the mother and her puppies. Probably, people deliberately left the dog family at the church in the hope that they would be sheltered, but still this does not justify them. We must not forget that we are responsible for those who have been tamed.

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