The Galaxy S23 is the king of small phones


For those who prefer a smaller phone, there aren’t many practical options in the world of Android smartphones. There have certainly been smaller cellphones in recent years, but they frequently lack cutting-edge features or have unsurprisingly short battery lives. Samsung has created the best little phone I’ve used in a very long time with the Galaxy S23, which has no obvious flaws.

A week ago, when I was winding up my assessment of the Galaxy S23+, I made mention of how impressed I was with the battery life that I was contemplating getting the Galaxy S23 for personal usage.And this is all while bearing in mind that the Galaxy S22 from last year had such terrible battery life that the unique colorway I bought, no matter how appealing it was, could only maintain my interest for a short period of time before I put it on the shelf and eventually sold it.

The battery life was poor, as Tim noted in his review. He mentioned modifying his everyday usage to account for the fact that the S22 couldn’t sustain him for an entire day.In 2022, a flagship phone was asking him to limit the amount of time he spent with it or else. Think about that. It made the Galaxy S22 a phone that almost no one should have purchased.

Over this past weekend, I did indeed order a Galaxy S23 in “Green” and picked it up from Best Buy. It has absolutely met (and maybe exceeded) every expectation over these few days of use.

To back up for a minute, you have to understand that I’m one of those guys who has never really loved the move from phone makers to making extra-large devices. While I’ve learned to handle a 6.7″ display in a massive frame, phones like the Pixel 5 earned more time in my pocket in recent years than the Pixel 7 Pro. I am always on the hunt for a phone that provides an excellent experience in a smaller body.

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