Teacher Whose Daughter Is Fighting Cancer Gets 110 Sick Days Donated From Colleagues

Kinsley hadn’t even turned one year old when her parents, David and Megan Green, received tragic news on her state of health.

It was all very sudden.

On Saturday, the family from Huntsville, Alabama attended an engagement party for Megan’s sister.

Two days later, on the 22nd of October, they found themselves in an Emergency Room as doctors gravely told them what was going on.

Their daughter had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a serious form of cancer.

The parents did everything the could to keep it together.

Over the next several months, Kinsley spent all her time in a hospital in Birmingham.

She celebrated her first birthday there, underwent rounds and rounds of chemotherapy treatment, and had to be far away from home.

Megan quit her job so that she could spend as much time as possible with Kinsley, as they lived 100 miles away from the hospital.

David, however, had to keep working at Mae Jemison High School, where he works as a football coach and a history teacher.

To be by his daughter’s side, he would often spend three hours driving to visit her from Alabama.

Unfortunately, that involved taking many, many sick days.

When March 2019 rolled around, he was fresh out of them entirely.

Although he loved his job, David’s main priority lay with his daughter.

Megan knew how much he wanted to be by her side when he could, so she put out a post on Facebook asking for assistance.

She called on other teachers in Alabama who had sick days they might be willing to spare, asking if they could help donate some to David.

She was expecting maybe a few days or a couple of weeks at most – mainly just enough for David to be with them once a week – but what came next blew her anticipations out of the water!

All around Huntsville, teachers reached out to donate their sick days, including those who were battling illnesses themselves, like Lakewood Elementary assistant principal Wilma DeYampert, who managed to donate two days to David.

Her reasoning? It was simply the right thing to have done, and she couldn’t fathom being away from a child in the way David was apart from Kinsley.

She added that it isn’t necessary to be wealthy to give someone a blessing.

In total, David now has more than 100 extra sick days to his name, and he’ll be putting them to good use.

The family is completely blown away and so grateful for the amazing generosity shown to them by all the teachers who graciously went above and beyond for David.

The family looks forward to being able to, one day, give back in some way.

Kinsley is now about 16 months old.

She has to receive inpatient treatment for a few for months, and then she’ll continue to receive a variety of treatments over the next couple of years.

If you’d like to help Kinsley and her family, you can donate to their GoFundMe page or buy them something from their Amazon wishlist!

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