Teacher is fed up with kids’ attitude, begs parents to teach their kids these 3 things

Life for kids these days can be a constant string of sensory overload.

As parents, it makes sense that you want your children to have a head start in life by introducing them to productivity early. But one man’s post on Facebook is offering advice from a different perspective. That is, to teach them the valuable lessons that we often over look.

Jonas Harrysson has been a teacher for over 16 years. He’s seen it all at this point, but in the last five years or so, he’s noticed an alarming trend amongst students that enter his classroom. Their attitudes have changed. Jonas grew tired of breaking up fights after children refused to share toys and materials with their fellow peers. After trying to reprimand these students, he’s realized that this problem can only be solved at home by parents.

In a long Facebook post, Jonas let the world know his thoughts. He probably didn’t expect his Facebook post on things to teach your child to blow up the way it did. His original post in Swedish has been liked over 15,000 times, shared over 16,000 times, and he’s received over 800 comments. It’s even gone viral in other countries after being translated.
Keep reading to see what he had to say, in the translated version below.

The Facebook post reads:
I have worked with kids for almost 16 years and there are a few things that I’ve noticed children are becoming worse and worse at.
Children find it very difficult to be bored! There constantly needs to be something going on. Please stop spoiling and servicing your children. It’s not dangerous for them to be bored sometimes.

I’ve met many parents who are soooo proud that their kids can read and count before starting preschool. Well, I hate to break it to you, but reading and counting, they’ll learn soon enough. Teach them instead to play, to be a good friend, and to share.”

My third point is that many children find it difficult to show gratitude to both other kids and adults. Can they get an “extra” one is unfortunately often a first question. “We only get one!?” is a common complaint I hear. What happened to PLEASE!? And thanks for dinner, and thanks for the ride, and so on?

I have no children yet, but if I do sometime in the future I will teach them to play, to be a good friend, to show gratitude and to be bored from time to time. When they learn those things, then will I teach them to read and count 🙂

Jonas’s points make a lot of sense. Being able to provide a better life for our children is great, but it comes with a hidden consequence. Often times, our children don’t learn to appreciate what they have when we, as parents, give them the world. There needs to be a balance!
Kindness and compassion can be taught regardless of social status, heritage, or culture. These are basic principles for everyone to live by.
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