Star of “Scream VI” and “Big Door Prize” Josh Segarra embraces the masks of his characters


Josh Segarra claimed that his forthcoming two parts, The Big Door Prize on Apple TV+, which premieres on March 29, and Scream VI, which hits theaters on Friday, demonstrate how he differentiates each role he portrays.

In a recent phone interview with UPI, Segarra stated, “I want all my personas to look different. “I enjoy hiding behind the masks of my characters.”

In the Scream 2 movie, Segarra, 36, plays Danny, a neighbor who has a covert romance with survivor Sam (Melissa Barrera). Danny becomes caught up in the terror as fresh Ghostface killers go after her and her sister Tara (Jenna Ortega).

Segarra plays Giorgio, the proprietor of an Italian restaurant in a tiny town, in Big Door Prize. In the local corner store, a curious device that informs individuals their role in life. Learning their presumed purpose affects each character in town differently.Finding out what makes the character I’m playing tick when I get a script is one of my favorite things to do “said Segarra. “How does their heart feel? Why do they feel that way?”

Although his Danny persona is new to the Scream series, Sam, who is making a comeback, is acquainted with him in the past. Segarra stated that he appreciated the chance to fill in the blanks.

Sam is distrustful of all strangers now that she has survived the events of Scream 2022, even those who are a part of her sister’s life. The fact that she trusts Danny says a lot, even yet she won’t tell any of her friends about him.

Segarra remarked, “I think he understands the confidentiality. “She likely still guards a portion of herself simply to be safe.In some of the terrifying killer sequences in Scream VI, Danny is present. In one, he extends a ladder so Sam and her pals may crawl across to Sam’s apartment and away from Ghostface.

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